From Field to Classroom

June 14, 2019

Winter is a time when farmers have a bit of a break from the hustle of fieldwork and can make time for some education.

In early 2019, Lancaster Farmland Trust hosted and attended a few farmer meetings around the county, here is the scoop on what kinds of things farmer talk about during educational meetings.

In East Earl and Salisbury Township, LFT invited local landowners to talk about a new project that will affect farms there. Farmers from each community turned out to hear more about the project and find out how they can get involved to implement new conservation practices on their farms and join the effort to restore the Chesapeake Bay.

LFT attended grower meetings hosted by local farm supply stores, Little Britain Ag Supply and POWL’s Feed. Both meetings, hosted in southern Lancaster County, offered the opportunity to talk with landowners interested in preserving their farms.

Winter farmer meetings are a great time for our staff to connect with the local farming community and share more about the work we do. Often times, conversations that start at one of these meetings turn into a landowner committing to preserve their farm with Lancaster Farmland Trust, or the owner of a preserved farm getting needed information on who to contact with a question or concern.

Salisbury Township farmers meeting

East Earl Township farmers meeting


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