Webinar Series: Digging In

April 28, 2021

Digging In - A webinar series on food and farmland in Lancaster County

Join us on YouTube for a year-long series of conversations with the folks who have a hand – literally – in Lancaster County's food and farming system.

Each webinar will include a 15-20 minute documentary-style video, followed by a post-screening, live Q&A with LFT staff and an individual or two from the video. The videos will premiere on YouTube at noon on the dates below, immediately followed by the interactive Q&A. Both links will be provided to registrants prior to the dates below.

February 24 – Farm to Shelf: Watch the webinar. Watch the Q&A.

April 28 – Cleaner Streams with Cows: Watch the Webinar. Watch the Q&A.

July 28 – Farm to Restaurant: Watch the Webinar. Watch the Q&A.

November 19 (ExtraGive) – Horsepower: Lancaster County is home to a world leader in the field of agricultural machinery, and is known for our more traditional horse-drawn equipment. We’ll take a look back at the evolution of farm machinery and how some Lancaster County farmers use “horsepower” to grow our food.



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