Webinar Series

September 22, 2020

Join us every month for a free webinar series. In each webinar, we'll unpack a different topic related to our work in farmland preservation, water and natural resource conservation, and big-picture agricultural sustainability in Lancaster County.

Details on each upcoming webinar will be added to this page, so check back each week for new topics and to register.


October Webinar Details:

Oct 6, 2020, 11:00 AM EDT: Corn Harvest - how does it get there from here? 

In this webinar, we'll chat LIVE with Jeff Frey on his farm, Future View Farm, in Willow Street, PA. He'll talk us through corn harvest in Lancaster County: when he knows to fire up his combine, how he gets those golden kernels from the field to the storage bins, and where all that corn goes once it's harvested. We'll also share a pre-recorded ride-along in the combine while harvesting a field of corn. Experience "first-hand" what combining grain-corn looks and sounds like. Don't miss this behind-the-scenes look at harvesting corn in Lancaster County!

This event is free, but you must REGISTER in advance. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Special Webinar: FFA Member Student Lessons

Join us in September for a special collaboration with Grassland FFA members from ELANCO High School. These high school students are preparing two mini-lessons in animal and plant science. First, FFA members will discuss proper rabbit care and long-term maintenance, as learned through their in-classroom learning lab. Second, we'll take a dive in plant sciences in the ELANCO tower gardens and discuss growing plants indoors.

Watch the full recording here.

What is regenerative agriculture and how does it work?

On this month’s webinar, Steve Groff, a farmer in southern Lancaster County and a leader in cover crops and regenerative agriculture joins us. Steve’s farm is preserved by Lancaster Farmland Trust and is used to grow both field crops and produce, as well as raise a small herd of buffalo. Steve is the founder of Cover Crop Coaching and Hemp Innovators, both businesses that leverage Steve’s expertise in regenerative agriculture to benefit farmers and educators around the world. Find out more about the science and impact of regenerative agriculture, and how Steve’s philosophies have improved the soil and crop health on his farm.

Watch the full recording here.

Dairy Farming 101: How farmers provide 'nature's most nearly perfect food'
The dairy industry has evolved dramatically over the decades and continues to do so. With this evolution and the continued separation of consumers from the farm, there is an information-gap between consumers and farmers. Today, consumer understanding of how dairy farmers care for their cows, the land and their workforce has waned. Emily Yeiser Stepp, Vice President of the National Dairy FARM Program, will discuss the current structure of the dairy industry, its farms and today’s practices that ensure that nature’s most nearly perfect food, milk, is one that you can feel good about purchasing.

Watch the full recording here.

Protecting Farmland 101: Easement insurance and Enforcement
For all the times “what if” creeps into our minds – Lancaster Farmland Trust works with our land trust community and Terrafirma to protect the investment and uphold the requirements in our easements. Learn more about how Terrafirma works and other ways we protect farmland long-term.

Watch the full recording here.

Ask Me Anything: LFT Farmer Panel
We’ve rounded up local farmers for a chat about their farms, the industry, and the future of agriculture in Lancaster County. Farmer details coming soon!

Watch the full recording here.

Virtual Farm Tour!
Join us for a live virtual farm tour and chat with a local farmer. Details to come.

Watch the full recording here.

Protecting Farmland 101: how does a "conservation easement" work?
Preserving a farm with Lancaster Farmland Trust is a legally binding, real estate transaction. The document we use to protect land is a "conservation easement." Hear from our staff about the specifics of our easements, real examples from farms preserved by LFT, and more.

Watch the full recording here.

Preserving Farmland in 2020 - LFT's goals and outlook
At the start of this year, Lancaster Farmland Trust made commitments to twenty farmers to protect their land this year. Find out more about the farms on our 2020 calendar and our plan to stay on track.

Watch the full recording here.

Continuous Improvement - How LFT Works with Farmers to Improve Water Quality in Lancaster (and Beyond)
In our 30-year history, Lancaster Farmland Trust has developed a reputation among farmers as a trusted resource. Find out how we leverage that relationship with our agricultural community to bring positive change to local waterways, and dramatic improvements to regional conservation efforts, like the Chesapeake Bay.

Watch the full recording here.


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