Glean with Us!

Together, let’s cultivate compassion, reduce food waste, and ensure everyone in our community has access to fresh, nutritious food.

Are you passionate about supporting local farmers and addressing food insecurity in our community? Lancaster Farmland Trust is thrilled to announce our partnership with local farmers and hunger relief agencies to launch a transformative gleaning program aimed at providing fresh, locally grown produce to families in need.

What is Gleaning?

Gleaning is the age-old practice of ­collecting excess crops from farmers’ fields after they have been harvested. By volunteering with our gleaning program, you can help rescue perfectly good fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste and redirect them to families facing food insecurity.

How You Can Make a Difference:

Despite Lancaster County’s agricultural bounty, nearly 50,000 residents face food insecurity, meaning they struggle to access nutritious food on a regular basis. Help us fight this issue by joining us in the fields as we harvest excess produce from local farms and donate to hunger relief agencies. Your hands-on efforts will directly impact the lives of families in need, providing them with farm-fresh options.

Volunteer Responsibilities:

Your responsibilities will include harvesting crops alongside seasoned farmers, sorting produce to transport to local partner agencies, and fostering connections within our community. By volunteering, you’ll make a tangible impact in the fight against hunger, gain hands-on experience in sustainable agriculture practices, connect with like-minded individuals and local farmers, and experience the fruitfulness of helping to feed families in need.


At a moments notice from May to October. Gleaning depends on things like when the crops are ready and weather conditions, so it’s hard to schedule in advance. Our team will send alerts as soon as we know about a harvest, whether it’s a day or weeks ahead of time.


Various partner farms throughout Lancaster County! Locations may vary, but we’ll always provide detailed directions to get you where you need to be.



No prior is experience necessary. We provide tools and instruction – just bring your enthusiasm and a willingness to lend a helping hand!

Ready to roll up your sleeves and join LFT’s Farm to Pantry Project?

Join our Farm to Pantry Project team to receive gleaning alerts directly to your email inbox and mobile phone via text messages. With our new notification system, you’ll be the first to know when gleans are scheduled at a moment’s notice, allowing you to plan ahead and let us know if you can join us in the fields.

If you have any questions or need assistance signing up for alerts, contact Stephanie Denton at 717-288-2834 or
Thank You to Our Farm to Pantry Sponsor!

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