Lancaster is growing. There's no doubt about it. We are growing corn and cows. We are growing strawberries and soybeans. And we are growing our communities. As we are growing all of these things, we are trying to do it smarter and more sustainably. Find out more about our community of stewards and landowners below.

Preserved Tastes Better: a taste of Lancaster County

December 6, 2019

Lancaster County’s preserved farms offer beautiful views, clean air and water, and an exceptional quality of life. They also offer fresh foods for our community and our region. Our team rounded up a few of our favorite roadside stands, markets, and shops from our preserved farms. Check out the list below and be sure to […]

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Preserving the Balmer Farm

September 16, 2019

Kevin is a second-generation dairy farmer. He has concerns about farms like his passing through to the next generation of a family.

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Protecting Local Foods

July 13, 2019

Three and a half miles north of the center of Lititz, along Pennsylvania Route 501, drivers cross the bridge over Hammer Creek and find themselves driving through the middle of Mervin Weaver’s 70-acre farm.

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From Field to Classroom

June 14, 2019

Winter is a time when farmers have a bit of a break from the hustle of fieldwork and can make time for some education.

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New website, same LFT

April 9, 2019

We’re excited to have joined the 21st century with a shiny new website designed, just for us (and you)!

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